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Keep Christmas Trees from Falling or Leaning

Keep Christmas Tree from falling over

Wobble Wedges® Plastic Shims Stabilize Your Christmas Trees

It’s that time of year again! Boxes of holiday decorations are emerging from storage as classic holiday music wafts through the house. It’s time to put up the Christmas tree! Whether you hunt for the perfect blue spruce or use a decorative artificial tree, there’s one thing you want to make sure of; that your tree doesn’t fall over or lean. Once covered with your precious decorations, a falling Christmas tree could be an expensive and hazardous disaster. Keep your Christmas tree from falling or leaning with Wobble Wedges® plastic leveling shims.

Help! My Christmas Tree is Leaning!

Artificial Christmas Trees seem like they are incredibly prone to leaning in their stands. Especially an artificial tree that has been used for several years, as the screws in the stand start to loosen. Or if your tree is placed on an uneven surface, the tree stand wobbles, and your tree may lean precariously to one side or the other. To straighten a tree that is leaning over, wedge a Wobble Wedge plastic shim between the tree and the stand or to level your tree stand at the base. Wobble Wedges are available in a variety of colors and sizes so you can choose the leveling wedge best for your project. Wobble Wedges are also securely stackable, so you can combine wedges to keep a Christmas tree from falling over.

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Keep a Christmas Tree from Falling

We’ve all seen the hilarious videos of house cats climbing in Christmas trees. It’s adorable when it’s someone else’s tree, but when it happens at home you might feel a bit differently. If you’re ready to cat-proof (or kid proof) your Christmas tree, use Wobble Wedges to stabilize your tree at the base and keep it from leaning or falling. Our BigGap leveling wedges are ideal to fix a leaning artificial tree or add extra support and stability to a real tree. The interlocking ridges give the wedge a non-slip grip so it won’t slide out from under your tree stand.

Cat proof Christmas Tree

How To Stabilize a Christmas Tree Topper

Is your Christmas tree topper leaning to one side or refusing to stay on top of your tree altogether? A soft plastic Wobble Wedge is just what you need. Simply flex the wedge between your fingers and insert it into the base of your tree topper to fill the extra space and force your topper into position. Wobble Wedges are available in black, white, and clear so you can choose a wedge that won’t stand out. Click here to browse all of the Wobble Wedges.

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