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Plastic Shims for Precast Concrete

Level without Fear of Discoloration or Rot

Are you installing or maintaining concrete structures at your home? Many basements and patios contain concrete slabs, concrete walls, and concrete steps. Concrete is a medium preferred by builders for its durability and ability to withstand the elements. It’s important to remember though when working with concrete that you need to use materials that won’t discolor the concrete or rot away. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims for precast concrete provide a great solution because they are made from hard plastic that won’t react to concrete. Our plastic shims will provide the strength and stability you need when getting level with precast concrete projects.

Leveling a Concrete Block Wall

When you’re building a concrete block wall starting from a level base is very important. Lay down a level layer of gravel, sand or a concrete pad. If you’re starting out on an uneven surface, try to level it as best you can. Sweep away any debris or materials that can be removed. Once you’re ready to place the blocks we recommend using a level string line so that you won’t have to constantly grab your 4ft level the whole time. As you place your concrete blocks check them against the string line. They should be just under it, not touching or it might distort the string and defeat the purpose of it showing you level.

Wobble Wedge® hard plastic shims can be used to bring your concrete blocks up to level, and they can take +2,000lbs of force. Use whatever combination of wedges is necessary to get each precast concrete block level. The best part is you can leave them in place because the hard plastic won’t cause discoloration or warp over time!

Plastic Shims for Leveling Precast Concrete Slabs

If you’re installing precast concrete slabs to make a garden walk or patio, Wobble Wedge plastic shims can help with this task too. As always starting out level is your best bet to get a good outcome, so lay down a level layer of sand or gravel to start. As you place each paver check the level and use hard plastic Wobble Wedges to bring it up to level. With two different sizes BigGap wedges are .48” thick and hard standard size are .25”, they can be combined to fill almost any space. They can be safely stacked because of the patented interlocking ridges that prevent slipping. So you can combine them however you need to make your concrete slabs level.

Please note: Wobble Wedges should not be used for projects that would exceed their strength tests. Wobble Wedge® is not liable if Wobble Wedge Plastic Shims are used in situations that exceed 2,000 lbs of force.

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