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Stabilize and Level Flower Pots

Use Wobble Wedge® Plastic Shims to Prevent Flower Pot Tips and Spills

Nothing compares to the feeling of rejuvenation brought about by the warmer spring weather and longer, sunnier days. Whether you’re an emphatic gardener or simply compelled to arrange a few nice planters, there is something magnetic about sinking your hands into the soil and planting fresh spring flowers. You stand back and cross your arms to appreciate your handy work and notice that your few of your flowers are slightly askew. Your new planter is sitting on uneven ground and tipping slightly to one side. If you place your hand on the pot and give it a gentle push, it rocks back and forth. You need a solution!

Stabilize Large Outdoor Flower Pots and Planters

Large outdoor planters make gorgeous landscaping elements and can be extremely functional for container gardening, but large ceramic pots and lots of soil gets heavy fast. Just two cubic feet of soil weighs 80 pounds. You need a strong and durable plastic shim, like Wobble Wedges®, to help level and stabilize that planter. Our Big Gap Wobble Wedges can support up to 2000 lbs, perfect for extra large flower pots and planters. For your standard decorative residential flower pots a foot or less in diameter use Standard Sized Wobble Wedges.

Fix Wobbly House Plants and Small Flower Pots

While you’re shimming plants, you just might realize that there are several potted plants in your house sitting on an uneven surface. Use Standard Sized Wobble Wedges to fix wobbly house plants or smaller, residential flower pots. For your especially delicate shimming needs, use the Mini Wobble Wedge to prevent tipping, rocking, or wobbling. Wobble Wedge plastic shims are also perfect for leveling chipped or damaged ceramic flower pots that may lean or rock to one side.

Prevent Your Pots from Tipping or Spilling

As surely as that which goes up, must come down, that which wobbles, just might fall over! Prevent your indoor and outdoor flower pots and planters from tipping or spilling with Wobble Wedge plastic shims. Our soft plastic shims will stabilize containers of any size and keep them from rocking, tipping, or spilling. Avoid spilled or broken potted plants or potential safety hazards. Click to browse all Wobble Wedges!

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