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Plastic Shims for Bathroom Projects

Plastic Toilet Shim

Shims for Bathroom Projects like Fixing and Installing Toilets, Vanities, and More!

Wobble Wedges® shims are ideal for bathroom projects in wet-rooms because our plastic shims won’t be affected by water. Our plastic shims are rot-, mold-, and warp-proof, making them perfect to use where water and humidity are high. Below we break down some of the ways that you can use Wobble Wedges® plastic shims to fix or remodel your bathroom.

Fixing a Wobbly Toilet

A wobbling toilet is annoying, but if it’s not fixed it can break the wax ring and lead to a leaking toilet (much worse!). So if your toilet wobbles, it’s best to fix it quickly before you have to deal water damage. Wobble Wedge® plastic toilet shims are perfect to stop the wobble and blend right in. Our soft plastic toilet shims are sturdy enough to stop the movement of the toilet and soft enough that they won’t damage the porcelain. And since they come in clear/translucent, white, or black, they will blend in and no one will be the wiser. Read our blog “Fix a Wobbly Toilet” to get the details.

Installing a Toilet

If you need to start from scratch and install a new toilet, we have you covered there too! When installing a toilet, you want to start on the level; so if the flooring in uneven or the last toilet rocked, you will need to shim the new toilet. Using a soft plastic toilet shim or two will allow you to easily install your new toilet. Read our blog “Putting in a Toilet” to learn how Wobble Wedge® toilet shims can help you tackle this project.

Plastic Toilet Shim

Leveling a Bathroom Vanity

Putting in a new bathroom vanity can really change the look of your bathroom, and can be a great do-it-yourself remodel. We recommend using plastic shims in any situation that might come in contact with water, and a vanity is one of them. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims won’t rot or warp or be affected if water should come in contact with them. Read our blog “Leveling a Bathroom Vanity” to learn how to level a vanity during installation.

Stop Rattling Pipes

If the pipes in your bathroom rattle or make noise when you turn on the taps it could be that they aren’t sitting securely in place. Water pipes are typically held in place with brackets or pipe hangers, but if they aren’t held firmly the pipe can vibrate, causing a noise. Checking the water lines isn’t always easy, but if you have access (via a basement or crawlspace) you can probably stop the noise without having to pay someone to come out and fix it. Read our blog “Silence Rattling Pipes” to learn more.

Wobble Wedges® are the perfect plastic shims for your bathroom projects! Add them to your toolbox today!

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