Wobble Wedges For Furniture

The original and twice patented Wobble Wedges® are precision engineered furniture levelers.

They are used by furniture dealers and ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture dealers to level and stabilize dressers, entertainment centers, television tables, book cases, file cabinets and other types of furniture when installed on uneven floors or over carpet tack strips in the home or office.

Our furniture shims are available in 4 interlocking sizes in both hard plastic for firm support and easy-to-trim soft plastic for cushioned support.

Use Wobble Wedges® to Level All Types of Furniture

Furniture Leveling Shim

Use Hard Wobble Wedges to even out furniture when installed on uneven floors or over carpet tack strip.

Protective Clamping Pad

Use a Soft Wobble Wedge® as a protective clamping pad when parts need to be drawn together with a bar clamp for assembly.

Soft Gripping Pad

Use Soft Wobble Wedges as a gripping pad under furniture that slips too easily across slick floors such as wood or tile.

Floor Protection Pad

Use Soft Wobble Wedges to protect tile, wood or other easily scratched surfaces from heavy furniture.

Self-Cleaning Glue Spreader

Use Soft Wobble Wedges as a wood glue spreader. It spreads glue smoothly and evenly. Once dried, simply bend the wedge into an arc and the glue falls off.

Fix Any Wobble...Fill Any Gap

Unfinished and RTA furniture delivery dealers have relied on the standard sized Wobble Wedges for over 20 years to ensure their furniture is stable, plumb and looks great before they leave their customers’ homes.

More recently, they are beginning to use the new Mini-Wobble Wedge™ because they are so small they don’t compete with the beauty of the new furniture. They are also using the BigGap™ Wobble Wedges for tables and other furniture installed outdoors on lawns and in gardens.

Use any one of the four sizes of Wobble Wedges alone or in combination to fix any wobble or fill any size gap. Learn More>