A Modular System of Securely-Stackable Interlocking Plastic Shims

We designed the Wobble Wedge® to be far more than a tapered shim. It is a highly adaptable tool with superior functionality that makes many shimming, clamping, adjusting, leveling, gluing, sanding and installing job easier, faster, and more precise.

We set our sights on taking the inclined plane–one of the oldest and most useful tools known to humans–and endowing it with functionality never before available in a simple wedge. We carved the first Wobble Wedge in clay, the second in apple wood and the third was machined in a strip of plastic. Then we got a bit smarter and developed all subsequent versions on a computer–revising, experimenting, and revising again.

We now have an incredibly adaptable modular system of interlocking leveling wedges that makes all sorts of previously tough jobs easier and faster. We think of Wobble Wedges as a highly adaptable tool–not just a plastic shim. And we’re still inventing! Look for more patents in the future.

Three Sizes: All Make up the Securely-Stackable Modular System with Patented Interlocking Ridges

Wobble Wedges’ deep off-set ridge pattern insures they are Securely Stackable™. Once stacked and bearing weight, they won’t twist or slide apart in any direction. Wobble Wedges© are now available in 3 shim sizes in both rigid and flexible plastic. All sizes of our wedge shims can be used independently or stacked together in any combination or any orientation to level, tilt, pry, twist, tighten, align, separate, cushion, bend, glue, sand or silence.

Flexible, Grabbable Plastic Shims

Won’t Shrink or Swell! Tough & Durable!

Wobble Wedges have a unique Grab-Bar™ that makes it easy to place, adjust or retrieve them even when they are inserted too far. Use your favorite needle-nosed pliers to grab and adjust any Wobble Wedge in hard to reach places.

Rigid and Flexible Plastic

Rigid Wobble Wedges® are tough and durable, supporting over 2000 lbs. These shims are particularly useful for fixing shaky tables on carpeting, uneven concrete floors and patios. When leveling heavy restaurant tables and food service equipment, Rigid Wobble Wedges can take the weight.

Flexible Wobble Wedges are super-flexible, non-marring wedge shims that easily conform to the shape of whatever they support. Their rubber-like texture creates a firm grip on slick floors and also reduces rattling sounds by absorbing vibration. Flexible Wobble Wedges can be easily trimmed to a perfect fit with scissors or a utility knife.

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Trimmable For The Perfect Fit

Flexible Wobble Wedges are easy to trim with a regular pair of scissors or a sharp utility knife. You can trim them to a perfect fit for any application. You’ll love how Wobble Wedges provide a superior grip on slick or uneven surfaces, a protective cushion for delicate surfaces, secure stackability, precise and repeatable adjustments, and ease of placement and retrieval.