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10 Ways to Use Furniture Leveling Shims

Whether you’ve recently relocated, or are wanting to spruce up your home with a remodel, a frustrating challenge many encounter is unstable furniture. Flooring materials and surfaces can be uneven and foundations can shift over time. Uneven flooring can end up causing items to rock, lean, or wobble

The world’s original plastic stackable furniture shim, Wobble Wedge®, was invented for this very reason. The founders lived in an older home with sloping floors where furniture wobbled, tilted, rattled, rocked, and leaned. Everything they tried either didn’t hold up over time or didn’t stay in place, which inspired the creation of the Wobble Wedge plastic furniture shim. Since 1985 the Wobble Wedge has been the best furniture shim on the market. Here are ten of the most common uses for Wobble Wedge furniture shims.

Most Popular Uses of Wobble Wedge® Furniture Shim

  1. Bookcases: Whether in your living room, bedrooms, or office, ensure your bookcases are stable and stay in place with a Wobble Wedge plastic furniture shim. Load your bookcases with valuables, knowing they will remain safely and securely in place with Wobble Wedges.  
  1. End Tables: Don’t let unstable end tables turn into a problem, like spilling beverages, knocking over a treasured vase, or a magazine avalanche. Simply slide in a plastic Wobble Wedge furniture shim under the table or leg, and rest assured you are protected.  
  1. Coffee Tables: A wobbly coffee table can result in spilled beverages, sliding supper plates, or pose a danger to kids or pets playing in their proximity. On soft flooring, such as carpets or rugs, use a rigid plastic Wobble Wedge to shim uneven coffee tables. On hard flooring surfaces, like hardwood, stone, or laminate, use flexible Wobble Wedges.
  1. Dining Room Tables: Nothing is worse than a dining room table that isn’t stable during a meal. Ensure your family and guests have an unforgettable dining experience each time they gather around the table by compensating for any gaps under table legs with a plastic Wobble Wedge furniture shim.
  1. Heavy Furniture: Whether you’re a renter, living in a temporary space, or want to move your furniture around, you need the right furniture wedge to protect your flooring from heavy items. You’ll be protected from costly damage, unsightly imprints, and flooring damage with BigGap™ Wobble Wedges. These large rigid plastic shims can hold more than 2,000 lbs.
  1. Couches: Protect your carpet and flooring while keeping your couch from moving by relying on a Wobble Wedge furniture shim to hold it in place. Combine multiple BigGap™ wedges side by side under couch legs and supports. Prevent your couch from rocking or leaning when the family jumps on for movie night.
  1. Hutches: Stabilizing a hutch containing antiques, china, fragile items, or heirlooms is essential for ensuring the protection of the items inside. While your hutch is empty check for any leaning or rocking. Compensate for any gaps below the hutch with rigid plastic Wobble Wedge furniture shims. Shim and stabilize delicate items within the hutch with Mini Wobble Wedges.
  1. Vanities: Are you upgrading or replacing your vanity? Or maybe your existing vanity has a visible gap or perceptible wobble. Stabilize a bathroom vanity with a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge bathroom furniture shim. Flexible plastic Wobble Wedges will grip onto hard flooring material, and won’t slip, or expand if exposed to moisture.
  1. Dressers: A tall or heavy dresser, if placed on uneven flooring, can rock or wobble, or even have issues with its drawers sliding smoothly along their tracks. If you’re having issues with a dresser on uneven flooring, a Wobble Wedge furniture shim can provide a quick solution with longevity. For dressers placed on soft flooring, such as carpets or rugs, use a rigid plastic Wobble Wedge. For dressers on hard flooring materials, such as hardwood or laminate, use a flexible plastic Wobble Wedge for better grip and floor protection.
  2. Workbenches: Another popular use for Wobble Wedge furniture shims is in the garage. Stabilize large, heavy workbenches with BigGap™ Wobble Wedges. These industrial shims can hold more than 2,000 lbs and won’t slip or slide under the weight and pressure of big projects.
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