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How to Stop Wobbling Patio Furniture

Level or Lift Planters, and Keep Your Umbrella in Place

Enjoying the sun (or shade) of your patio or deck can be a great way to relax in the summer. If your patio furniture rocks and leans this can dampen that relaxing vibe. Wobble Wedges® plastic tapered shims can stop wobbling patio furniture and planters, lift your flower planters up, and secure your table umbrella in place, meaning you can enjoy the relaxation in peace.

Stop Wobbling Patio Furniture

Not all patios are created equal, and depending on the materials and age they can be quite uneven. Whether it’s because the wood has warped or the concrete has cracked, an uneven floor means wobbling furniture! If your patio chairs and tables rock or list to one side shimming them with wads of paper or folded cardboard won’t really work if you live in a wet climate. Luckily Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are waterproof; they won’t deteriorate or be affected by wet weather. Plus they come in three colors: clear/translucent, white, and black, and will blend right in. Meaning no one will notice that you had to shim that table leg.

Furniture Levelers

Fix Rocking Planters

Beautiful blooming planters on your deck or patio really add to the ambiance while sitting outside with a cold drink. If your planters don’t sit level or lean to one side, shim them with Wobble Wedge® plastic shims to get the blooms back on the level. Simply place a Wobble Wedge® plastic shim (or two) under the edge of the planter to add stability and stop it from wobbling. To learn more read our blog “Stabilize and Level Flower Pots”.

Lift Planters to Stop Water Accumulation

Water often accumulates underneath planters which can cause discoloration or water damage. The solution is to lift your planters off the patio or deck to prevent water build up underneath. Thanks to our patented interlocking ridges, Wobble Wedge® plastic shims stack securely to lift your plants up and allow air to flow underneath. Simply make a “flat stack” (see below image), with either standard or BigGap™ Wobble Wedges®. Place them under each corner of the planter. Now the air will flow and the water won’t get trapped under the planter.

Two BigGap™ wedges stacked tapered end to wide end to make a flat stack

Keep Your Table Umbrella in Place

You’re enjoying the shade of a table umbrella until the wind moves it out of place. If the umbrella is loose in it’s hole it can not only move on you, but it can also rattle as it hits the sides of the hole. To stop this annoyance, simply place one or two soft plastic Wobble Wedge® shims into the hole, wedging the umbrella in place. Now it won’t make noise and it won’t move!

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