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Fix wobbling toilets and rattling pipes

The plumbers favorite handy tool: Wobble Wedge® plastic shims

Wobble Wedge Plastic Shims for Plumbers

Wobble Wedges® are the original toilet shim, fixing wobbly porcelain thrones since 1985. Wobble Wedges are available in a variety of colors and sizes to blend professionally into the surrounding fixtures. Soft plastic Wobble Wedges can easily be trimmed down to size once put in place for a seamless solution your clients will love. Annoying rattling pipes? Flexible plastic Wobble Wedges wrap easily around moving, clanging pipes and fill gaps to prevent rattling and noise.

What is a Wobble Wedge?

Wobble Wedges are the ultimate plastic shim, with a patented system of interlocking ridges that keeps the wedges from sliding apart or shifting under pressure. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Wobble Wedges can blend seamlessly into any environment, and can be easily cut or trimmed for a perfect fit.

Use flexible plastic Wobble Wedges on hard surfaces and rigid plastic wedges on soft surfaces. Fix any wobble, solve any uneven surface quickly, professionally, and permanently with Wobble Wedges. Get started today with our ultimate shop shim variety pack.

Trimmable Plastic Toilet Shims

In a perfect world, every toilet would sit perfectly flat on the flooring it’s placed upon, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon for toilets to wobble or rock. This is annoying to homeowners and can impede the longevity of the plumbing connected to the toilet. Luckily, the solution takes only seconds with Wobble Wedge flexible plastic toilet shims.

Place a soft plastic toilet shim between the base of the toilet and the floor to prevent rocking and wobbling. Wobble Wedges are easily trimmable with a utility knife for a photo perfect finish. Wobble Wedges are the original plastic toilet shim.

Flexible, Trimmable Soft Plastic Toilet Shims

The handyman’s preferred solution for wobbly toilets

Fix It with Wobble Wedges

Silence Rattling Pipes with Plastic Shims

Plastic Toilet Shim

Bathroom Projects with Wobble Wedges

Installing a bathtub

Installing a Bathtub with Wobble Wedges


Plumbing: Ways to Use a WOBBLE WEDGE®

Fix a Wobbly Toilet with the Ultimate Toilet Shim

Wobble Wedge® plastic toilet shims are every plumber’s or residential handyman’s favorite tool. Fix a wobbly toilet with ease with this flexible plastic toilet shim. Simply insert a soft plastic Wobble Wedge shim and trim for a perfect fit. Wobble Wedges® can also silence a rattling pipe or prevent rattling appliances. Plumbers prefer Wobble Wedges for all of their plastic shimming needs. Continue reading to explore ways to use Wobble Wedges in your plumbing business or home.

The history of shims starts long before plastic was around. In fact shims or wedges are some of the oldest technology that humans developed. Early shims were made from stone,
Doing a project yourself can be a great way to save money and learn new skills. A necessity when tackling a DIY project is having the right tools. Wobble Wedge®
When we designed Wobble Wedges® we had plumbers in mind! Our plastic shims are ideal for use in bathrooms and wet-rooms, as they won’t warp or deteriorate or cause discoloration
Gym equipment gets a lot of rough use, and can quickly become unstable. This can be a serious safety hazard and liability to your gym. Wobble Wedges® provide the perfect
Installing a shower enclosure is a great way to update your bathroom and improve the value of your home. While installing you will need to use shims to make sure
When installing a new bathtub you will likely need to shim it so that it’s level. Wobble Wedge® plastic shims are perfect for bathroom projects because they won’t be affected
As a property manager you have a lot of different hats you have to wear for your job, part maintenance, mechanic, plumber, etc. Having the right tools for all of
Wobble Wedges® shims are ideal for bathroom projects in wet-rooms because our plastic shims won’t be affected by water. Our plastic shims are rot-, mold-, and warp-proof, making them perfect